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Feat® Stain Remover WipesFeat® Stain Remover Wipes

You can get instant effective results for timeless stains.

Feat® Stain Remover Wipes

Box | 8 wipes

Feat® Stain Remover Wipes is always with you to get a fast and effective solution for all the stains you may encounter in unexpected moments!

Staining of our clothes is a very common situation in our daily life. These moments can sometimes put us in a difficult situation. You have a meeting and you spilled tea on your shirt. You can immediately intervene in the stain and continue your daily program from where you left off with Feat® Stain Remover Wipes you will have with you.

Do not be bothered by minor accidents that happen to you while traveling, on journeys or while having a snack or doing any work in your vehicle. Feat® Stain Remover Wipes saves your time, cleans stains during unexpected needs.