Our ValuesOur Values

We maintain customer satisfaction and keep it at the maximum level with our after-sales support team.

We are a company that is ready for continuous improvement in the face of developing technology.

We always prioritize nature and consumer health.

We use 90-95% environmentally-kind raw materials in product contents.

We aim to provide information flow to consumers by emphasizing the importance of environmental awareness.

We aim to minimize the consumption surplus by creating awareness of more benefits with less products.


Human and Environmental Health Human and Environmental Health

As well as the chemicals used in the detergent industry are harmful to human health, the mixing of these substances into both the air and the soil poses a great risk in terms of environmental health. The use of chemicals, which cannot be eliminated in nature and cannot be recycled, is increasing day by day. The transfer of wastewater from industrial facilities and residential areas to the environment without treatment and the unconscious use of pesticides and fertilizers used in agriculture cause pollution to our groundwater and threaten our health. Maintaining a healthy life is only possible with a healthy environment. As Uniroyal Kimya, we continue our development with this sensitivity.